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Hi! I am Priscysinger1, the author of this blog. 
Preferred names are Priscilla or Priscy. 

I am a Borinqueña born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. I am a daughter, sister, titi, and friend. I'm the first in my family to finish my bachelor's degree. Throughout my life, I've studied voice, anthropology, music, and media. I'm a singer at heart, I have promised to remain a lifelong student of the voice. I adore traveling, I've got major wanderlust! I've visited Italy, France, Spain, Monaco, and India so far; my goal is to get my passport pages full with stamps!

I am Latinx, I am cis though ultra femme, bilingual, a libra and an optimist! I am a sister of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity, Fall 15 initiate of the Theta Kappa chapter at William Paterson University. I strive for my feminism to be de-colonial, womanist, anti-capitalist, trans-positive, and healing. 

My other writings on the internet: 

Her Campus Articles

The Aquarian Weekly Articles

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Synced Heartbeats is named as such to allude to the music, travel, and patterns in the human experience that serve as a connection, or a sync, between human hearts. 

This blog is a combination of all the things I am passionate about: travel, music, and feminism.

Music and travel should be accessible to all, not simply a privileged few, which is why I support the decolonization of music and travel. Additionally, this blog will highlight the work of womxn and people of color.

This blog started off as an event blog called Exquisite Affairs. 

Musically yours,


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