Thursday, August 7, 2014

Teen Vogue & ASME Next Events

Well here I am staying close to my blogging origins by blogging about not one, but two events in one post! My friend Victoria  and I went into the city for one of our best trips there yet! 

After a quick ride into the city (what happens when you avoid rush hour traffic!) our first stop was at an event at Sephora Times Square by Teen Vogue and Lancôme in honor of the beauty brand's newest mascara launch titled Grandiose.   

Makeovers all around! 

Isn't that a fabulous face chart? 

Keeping the jams going!!!

This girl stepped in and she had the coolest hair accessory! 
It was a pin that looked like the brush of the new mascara! 

Photo booths are always a fun, glamorous party stop!

Afterwards we browsed around 42nd street for a spot to eat, we ended up in Bryant Park and stopped at 'Whichcraft. I'm not even a big fan of grilled cheese but let me share that it was the best one I've ever had. I also had a supper yummy tomato soup. We sat at a small table and chit chatted as live music played. 

Then we made our way to the Condé Nast building for the primary reason we had made this trip! ASME Next was holding an event with the Editor in Chief of Lucky Magazine, Eva Chen. It was my first time visiting the building where many of the magazine industry's biggest publications are created. When you get on the elevator the publications are listed by title & floor, I might've died just a little when I saw Vogue. 

"Zara will be your best friend. You will name your first child Zara."
"We get into magazines because every month is something different, every week is something different."

After drinks, networking, and mingling our group moved into an auditorium to be seated where we would watch a Q&A between Eva and Oprah Magazine editor, Arianna Davis. Eva talked about everything: her career journey, her life as editor in chief, fashion and style, the magazine industry, generational differences, social media, what she looks for when she is hiring, and life as a Lucky employee. Eva is incredibly humble, articulate, passionate, and hilarious. 

I've been following Eva on social media since her days as the beauty editor at Teen Vogue, and I absolutely adore her social media presence. I follow Eva wherever I can: twitter, tumblr, instagram, you name it, because she is way cool. She is positive, inspiring, and fabulous but at the same time she carries this sense of honesty and realness. I was over joyed to have this opportunity to see her speak. 

Posing with the mag. 

Before our trip back home, Victoria and I stopped at Pax for a drink and they had this adorable set up of lemonade! 

Be sure to check out my girl Victoria's blog at!
Don't you just love events? What lovely memories were made. 

Princess Priscilla, at your service!

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