Thursday, July 31, 2014

Intern Queen Party NYC 2014

If you are currently a college student or in the college student age, then the word "internship" is a normal part of your vocabulary. For those of you who haven't heard of or aren't quite sure what an internship is, an internship is where one works at a company usually in a particular department for a certain time frame but they are not considered a full employee of the company. Internships are great resume builders and experience enhancers, particularly for students still in college and are starting out. There are paid, for-credit, and unpaid internships. I've shared previously that I'm interning at The Aquarian Weekly this summer. 

So this post is about an event I went to on Wednesday thrown by the Intern Queen herself, Lauren Berger. Lauren founded to provide a source for students to find and apply to internships. My first time hearing Lauren speak was at the Internships 101 event by Seventeen Magazine. She was an enthusiastic and fabulous keynote speaker who shared amazing tips on internships, careers, and networking. 

So this is what you saw when you first walked in, a chart with colors next to a designated field/industry. 

You would then pick up a name tag, write your name on it and stick your color to it! 
I chose media and fashion to represent my experience and interests. 

Isn't that a cute networking idea?

Laid out on tables were whiteboards with the phrase, "I'm interning at:" on them, and of course I grabbed a pink marker and represented! 

They had giveaways and mini makeovers, but the coolest stop of the night was an instant photo booth that would print mini polaroid-like pictures! 

The attendants at the booth were so lovely! 
They made sure everyone got their picture.  

Saved for last was the panel which featured 14 industry experts from companies such as NBC Universal, Chanel, The Rachel Ray Show, DoSomething, Macy's, Seventeen Magazine, and more. Lauren gave a short introductory speech where she highlighted some of her intern rules, such as "keep in touch 3 times a year!" The panel members took turns speaking and provided their insight to the crowd of interns. 

And that is my recap of the night! 

Do you have interning experience? Where is your dream internship located?
 Share in the comments, I'd love to know!  
Check out to look for available opportunities in a range of fields! 

Princess Priscilla, at your service!

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