Thursday, July 31, 2014

Intern Queen Party NYC 2014

If you are currently a college student or in the college student age, then the word "internship" is a normal part of your vocabulary. For those of you who haven't heard of or aren't quite sure what an internship is, an internship is where one works at a company usually in a particular department for a certain time frame but they are not considered a full employee of the company. Internships are great resume builders and experience enhancers, particularly for students still in college and are starting out. There are paid, for-credit, and unpaid internships. I've shared previously that I'm interning at The Aquarian Weekly this summer. 

So this post is about an event I went to on Wednesday thrown by the Intern Queen herself, Lauren Berger. Lauren founded to provide a source for students to find and apply to internships. My first time hearing Lauren speak was at the Internships 101 event by Seventeen Magazine. She was an enthusiastic and fabulous keynote speaker who shared amazing tips on internships, careers, and networking. 

So this is what you saw when you first walked in, a chart with colors next to a designated field/industry. 

You would then pick up a name tag, write your name on it and stick your color to it! 
I chose media and fashion to represent my experience and interests. 

Isn't that a cute networking idea?

Laid out on tables were whiteboards with the phrase, "I'm interning at:" on them, and of course I grabbed a pink marker and represented! 

They had giveaways and mini makeovers, but the coolest stop of the night was an instant photo booth that would print mini polaroid-like pictures! 

The attendants at the booth were so lovely! 
They made sure everyone got their picture.  

Saved for last was the panel which featured 14 industry experts from companies such as NBC Universal, Chanel, The Rachel Ray Show, DoSomething, Macy's, Seventeen Magazine, and more. Lauren gave a short introductory speech where she highlighted some of her intern rules, such as "keep in touch 3 times a year!" The panel members took turns speaking and provided their insight to the crowd of interns. 

And that is my recap of the night! 

Do you have interning experience? Where is your dream internship located?
 Share in the comments, I'd love to know!  
Check out to look for available opportunities in a range of fields! 

Princess Priscilla, at your service!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

On The Hunt

Isn't it great to go shopping and there turns out to be on sale, or at a discounted price? I recently went on a shopping trip and decided to do a haul and I'll also share what it is that I do to find the best price for the items I want. 


So first up are these phone cases. Claire's was actually having a huge clearance sale! Everything on clearance was $2, except for bags, which were still cheap for $5. Here is one of my best tips on getting the best out of a shopping trip to anywhere: take the time and energy to do the research, and browse through the products.  Clearance areas usually aren't kept to the same visual aesthetic as the rest of a store, it can get a little bit scattered in there. Don't let that be an obstacle to finding great stuff, as they say, "Good things come to those who wait." But it's also true that, "The best things are found by those who hustle." I am not afraid to kneel down and search the bottom of a rack; something good might be hiding there. Look behind the front row of products, search online to check for varying colors and styles, and even ask an associate if there is anything else in stock besides what you've looked through. Many of these phone cases were hidden behind other ones, I moved those out the way and pulled my faves. As long as you neatly sort through things and put things back where they belong, you shouldn't have any trouble from the associates. 

This garter was also found in Claire's (but you knew that from the packaging!) Initially I only saw white ones for weddings and ones that said 2014 on them, but then I saw this black & pink one and I had to have it. I actually have no particular use for it, but lately I've had so much inspiration from burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Dita Von Teese, etc... Speaking of it, I could possibly wear it for when I go see Dita in September! And for $2 I couldn't resist picking up this little trinket of inspiration. Black lace, hot pink satin, and rhine stones, very luxe no? 

 I feel as if this necklace was made for me. You're probably wondering how a globe and binoculars could possibly relate to me. Well, if you caught it on my intro post, I mentioned that I am anthropology major. Anthropology is the study of humans, and it has subfields which include biology, archaeology, culture, and linguistics. My personal focus is on cultural anthropology. Many anthropologists go out into the field (a specific area or region) for research and to collect data, hence the globe and binocular charms. When something reflects you, and holds personal value it makes ownership that much more special. This necklace is from Hot Topic, a part of their jewelry line called Love Sick. 

1. I love The Little Mermaid. 2. I love cameos. 3. I love buy one get one deals. 

Every one loves a good sale, we've all cracked up at this vine. But it's important that we aren't just buying because of a sale or because an item is cheap. It has happened to the best of us: we've ended up buying more than we planned because of irresistible deals too good to pass up. And while maybe one extra item in the bag probably won't break the bank, practicing good shopping habits will help in the big scheme of things. Hold an inner conversation about the items you are contemplating to purchase, "Do I need this?" "Will this bring me joy?" "Will I give this item a good amount of use?" etc.  Fortunately for me, this Ariel necklace that I thought was so pretty was my 1/2 off item from Hot Topic and their buy one get one 1/2 off sale. You know what? I'm not sure if this even counts as a cameo, but it sure does remind me of one!  

PINS! PINS! PINS! So I love to pick up pins for my pin collection (which I hope to introduce you to eventually!) These were buy 2 get 1 free at Hot Topic! A sailor moon one, and two disney ones. 

At Claire's I picked up three bows! You can catch me on any given day with a bow in my hair, I absolutely love them!  I already had one in red but I figured I'd grab another red one and one in yellow because I love the one I have. I also grabbed this headband with a studded bow because I loved the balance between sweet and tough! 

Now these were one of my favorite items to pick up on this shopping trip! This pair of pumps were marked $30, but when I got to the register they ended up being $10! Isn't that the best feeling?
Forever 21

What are some of your shopping tips? What do you do to be fantabulous AND frugal?

Princess Priscilla, at your service!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh look! I've reinvented my blog AGAIN!

Lately, I've been very much inspired to re-do my blog. I wasn't happy with it. And when you're not happy with something in your life, you're supposed to do something about it. So I did.

Therefore, allow me to reintroduce myself....

Hello! My name is Priscilla. I currently attend university, where I major in anthropology and minor in music. I'm located in North Jersey, and my heart lies in NYC. I believe in expression, learning, feminism, and that there is an incredible amount of good in this world. I'm a contributor for my campus chapter of, and an editorial intern for The Aquarian Weekly. I've decided that I am a(n unofficial) princess. I hope that through this blog I can enrich your life even if in the smallest way.

Princess Priscilla, at your service. 

I hope you enjoy my new content.