Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Lonely is a Freedom That Breathes Easy & Weightless"

Okay, so I'm known to be a social butterfly. I'm highly friendly and personable. I'm always making new connections. But I enjoy and appreciate my alone time regardless of how much I value friendship and community. I love spending time with my thoughts. Some of the best concerts and adventures I've experienced have been on my own. I love sitting on the bus to NYC by myself observing everyone around. But I know that it has been a journey for me to accept this.

So here's one of my favorite videos on being alone...

I haven't been able to do that in a few months. Perhaps it was early December when I went to a ZZ Ward concert in NYC by myself. I rarely let not having someone to accompany me to be an excuse not to experience something. So last Tuesday, I was at school, my classes had finished, I was sitting down at a table on my laptop when I came across a posting for a free concert later that evening at our school's radio station. I wondered if I should attend. I had no one to go with; didn't know any of the bands performing, but I remembered my goal of wanting to attend at least 10 concerts this year so I realized I had no reason not to go. I didn't have class or early work the following day, I didn't have homework that needed finishing, and I would have spent my evening in my room probably on tumblr so I decided that it would be best if I went.

I walked over to the radio station. Once I found the locale, I was nervous to walk in. I waited outside the door for a few moments until a girl spotted me and said, "Are you here for the concert?!" And I shook my head yes, and she urged me to go inside. And I'm glad I stepped in. Honestly, I thought it would be a better turn out, but you know things don't always work out they way we want them to. But the best part was the intimacy. I met the band members before hand, and everyone asked my name and thanked me for coming. Took sometime for the music to come on, but when it finally did it was fun. The bands played all original music, and had cool things to say between songs. It was fun head banging in a radio station that resembled a punk underground basement with my peers. Had I decided not to go simply because I didn't have anyone to go with I would've missed out meeting such rad people and hearing good music.

So please go forth in the wildest direction of your dreams even if it means being on your own, the awesome people will come around and appreciate you.

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