Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Year of Creativity

Hello my lovely readers!

This is my first post of the year, and of my revamped blog!

So this year, 2014, going into it, I really want to have such a creative energy about the year.
I want to be creative with what I wear, what I do, how I think, what and who I surround myself with, and just immerse myself in creativity. Here's a list of creative goals I have for myself.

1. I really want to cosplay and dress in lolita this year for the first time. I've been looking for inspiration everywhere for cosplay, and reading up on tips on how to start and budget for it.

2. I want to attend more cons! In 2013, I went to one con for only one day and it seriously was one of the best days of the year. I want to travel for cons, I just hope I can find people I can with.

3. I want to improve my make up skills! I am having so much fun with make up and beauty lately, with following Michelle Phan and subscribing to ipsy, plus just in general in my real life make up and beauty has become more prominent in the lives of my friends and I.

4. I want to continue honing in on my skills of creating an argument. Through college, I am learning so many invaluable ways on how to improve my points, and as a person who believes and advocates for social justice, diversity, and equality this is extremely important to have. As a feminist, being well expressed is important, and thus continuing to improve this is a must. I will use this blog as a place to write about my thoughts on feminism.

5. Get back to hardcore geekery. I want to read more comics, watch more movies, read, play games, be more invested into Geek Life. I am excited to read the new Ms. Marvel coming out in February!

6. Music and singing is a big part of my expression, so its mandatory that I continue to make music in my own little way, listening to great music, going to great concerts and improving my own singing.

So this is the list I've got working on accomplishing.

Here's a list of other goals I have:
1. maintain my GPA.
2. Find a new better paying job.
3. Find an apartment and roommate(s) for September 2014.
4. Be a lot better at budgeting and financing. I want to practice good financial skills.
5. See 10 concerts in the year. Less than once a month, so hopefully this goal isn't too hard to accomplish.

So let me get on my way for this GREAT year!

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