Saturday, January 25, 2014

My FIRST product review ever. Like. Ever.

So hello all you fantabulous people! 

So as you may or may not know, I am a huge Sailor Moon fan, and have been one since I was 4 or 5 years old when I would watch it on Cartoon Network! 

(Fun fact: The first thing I ever googled was Sailor Moon.)

So one day I'm scrolling through tumblr, scrolling scrolling scrolling, and then BAM. This review is on my dashboard with beautiful photos, so I am just thinking its just something someone made, and then I realize that it is actually a product review, and my curiosity sparked! So of course like any curious internet browser I clicked the link (which we all know isn't a good idea all the time, but this seriously was a GREAT idea. Haha) and read her review on it. Her site is so lovely click on it and browse around, I did! 

So from her review I went directly to the site! I was like holla. So im scouring the site and they have a TON of cute other stuff, like if you're into lolita, disneybounding, or just into adding whimsical and major cuteness into your wardrobe. So when I finally found the bag I wanted, I was like PLEASE DON'T BE $100 OR SOMETHING I CAN'T AFFORD. and guess what? It wasn't! It was 39.99 plus free shipping! I said to myself I have to have this bag. But I told myself to just keep the tab open and give myself some time to truly think about it. (I can be sensible sometimes) I asked myself, "Priscilla, if this gets sold out how upset will you be?" And so I put in the payment! 

So I ordered it January 16th and received it January 24th (8 days! Really seven because I don't count Sundays cause no mail!) In shipping days, that is fabulous, but it felt like forever because I kept checking for shipping updates and tracking info. So I get an email update saying its out for delivery, I tell my mom that I'm expecting a package and she sends my dad out to get the mail! My dad comes back in, and I see the package in his hand and I SCREAMED. I was so excited. My mom helps me open it up. (I wanted to do one of those cute open as I blog things but I was excited I couldn't wait) When I opened it, it came with some nail art as a free gift (HOLLA two products! That is some luxurious customer service, round of applause everyone.) and a handwritten note. Now lets stop here one minute. The handwritten note is the one special part of online shopping. One of my favorite bloggers, Angelina, who goes by the username ALBinWonderland on many sites, vlogged about it on one of her reviews recently. Her package came without a hand written note in it, and while it doesn't take away from the purchase, it certainly enhances shopping experience by a lot! 

Finally, lets talk about the bag itself. 1. Its as pretty as it looks in pictures. 2. The strap is good length. 3. The zipper is a bit rough to work with. 4. No pockets. 5. but you can certainly fit stuff in there. 6. The gold accents are very lovely. 7. Double-sided printing. 9. ITS SO DARN CUTE. 

So overall,  I am so so so happy with this purchase! Its my favorite SM compact, and its pink and cool. Just gah. ♥

Here is a photo!
(from my instagram!) 

So there you go! Five stars!

(p.s. i'm gonna get a camera to be able to take better pictures! So hold on for the good stuff!)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We're Hell Raising and We Don't Need Saving Cause There's No Salvation For A Bad Girl

This week I'm thinking about women in the media who are causing a ruckus.

I've got Natalia Kills - Problem on repeat. Lena Dunham's on the cover of Vogue. Jennifer Lawrence speaks about underarm hair publicly.

The girls are shaking things up in Hollywood.

And I love it.
As the Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote goes, "Well-behaved women seldom make history."

Its great to be a bad girl. But I believe the best part of this mindset lies not in the ego-feeding aspect (which I don't think is a bad thing, lets feed the ego of female gender.) but rather the richest skill lies in the audacity to challenge the status quo. We should be challenging society and norms. Life's more interesting that way honestly.

Let us not be stale and flat characters, but people who are dynamic and vigorous.

Here's a mix of the music that has helped me channel my own inner "Bad Girl".

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


So lately, I've been looking everywhere for inspiration. During my school breaks, I typically go into a phase of what I feel is escapism. I watch videos, read articles, magazines, books, listen to music, I spend a lot of time in my room, and searching the internet for new inspiration for the things I want to create. I get back to me, I simplify what I do and really get back to my dream world. I spend a lot of time with my imagination. This break, I'm really looking at what people are doing. I already follow a few cosplayers/make up artists/musicians/creative people that I love, and now I am expanding that. I really want to enter this world of living as a creative person.

Traci Hines, one of my fave creative people that I admire and follow, posted a video.... Which you should totally watch (and I'll make it easy for you by placing the vid below) featuring herself and some other lovely youtube ladies. And since I love Traci, Disney, and the video it was inspired by, I had to watch!

So as I am watching the vid I say wow these are talented girls, where does Traci find all these amazing people to help her create so many awesome things? And when the video is ending, I notice that all of the girls have youtube channels as well! So I decided to check them all out, because I'm all into finding creative people doing big things! And I've been watching these girls do their thing, and am really inspired by them! I want to wear what I want, and sing, and create videos, and just be immersed into imagination and inspiration.

Included in the youtubers, is the costume designers behind the fashion! I've started following a lot of the costuming companies the ladies love as well. Firefly Path is one of my favorites.
And its funny how theyre ALL connected! Its like a small magical world over there in LA! I hope to find people into fantasy and costuming here on the East Coast, and I'm sure there are, I just haven't been looking in the right places.

I'm in the heart of my escapism. Again. And thats my dilemma. I go in and out of this world. I honestly, just want to live in my creativity, by letting fantasy inspire my outfits and life, and doing what I love all the time, not just in my room. I want to be confident enough to step out into the world and reveal my pink fantabulous self, with no pretense!

Welp. here's a cute video as well.

I love these people because theyre not afraid to be who they want to be! And expression has no boundaries! LOVE it.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Year of Creativity

Hello my lovely readers!

This is my first post of the year, and of my revamped blog!

So this year, 2014, going into it, I really want to have such a creative energy about the year.
I want to be creative with what I wear, what I do, how I think, what and who I surround myself with, and just immerse myself in creativity. Here's a list of creative goals I have for myself.

1. I really want to cosplay and dress in lolita this year for the first time. I've been looking for inspiration everywhere for cosplay, and reading up on tips on how to start and budget for it.

2. I want to attend more cons! In 2013, I went to one con for only one day and it seriously was one of the best days of the year. I want to travel for cons, I just hope I can find people I can with.

3. I want to improve my make up skills! I am having so much fun with make up and beauty lately, with following Michelle Phan and subscribing to ipsy, plus just in general in my real life make up and beauty has become more prominent in the lives of my friends and I.

4. I want to continue honing in on my skills of creating an argument. Through college, I am learning so many invaluable ways on how to improve my points, and as a person who believes and advocates for social justice, diversity, and equality this is extremely important to have. As a feminist, being well expressed is important, and thus continuing to improve this is a must. I will use this blog as a place to write about my thoughts on feminism.

5. Get back to hardcore geekery. I want to read more comics, watch more movies, read, play games, be more invested into Geek Life. I am excited to read the new Ms. Marvel coming out in February!

6. Music and singing is a big part of my expression, so its mandatory that I continue to make music in my own little way, listening to great music, going to great concerts and improving my own singing.

So this is the list I've got working on accomplishing.

Here's a list of other goals I have:
1. maintain my GPA.
2. Find a new better paying job.
3. Find an apartment and roommate(s) for September 2014.
4. Be a lot better at budgeting and financing. I want to practice good financial skills.
5. See 10 concerts in the year. Less than once a month, so hopefully this goal isn't too hard to accomplish.

So let me get on my way for this GREAT year!