Friday, July 20, 2012

Seventeen Magazine Meet, Greet, and Signing with Ann Shoket and Shay Mitchell Plus Beauty Smarties Showdown Taping

Lines, lines, lines! I should seriously be given the patience award because I spend a lot of time in lines! I'm so joking about the award, but seriously, I wait in lines a lot. Most people mind them, I just see it as a little work to ultimately enjoy myself! Good things come to those who wait, am I right? Well my patience sure was rewarded when I got to meet to the ever so lovely Ms. Shay Mitchell!

Shay is an actress who is well known for her role as Emily on Pretty Little Liars, a teen drama on ABC Family, which is one of my favorite television series! She is the cover girl for the August issue of Seventeen Magazine, and the host of Beauty Smarties Showdown, an online video competition between "beauty smarties," people with a passion for make up, who compete in order to win a grand prize!

Thalia, who is one of my best friends and I went to go meet Shay at a Barnes and Nobles in NYC on an early Saturday morning. We got in line, bought our mags, and got in another line, where ultimately we were put into a "moshpit" to be the audience for the grand finale of Beauty Smarties Showdown. A very cool experience to see the show being recorded!

Here's Shay completing her duties as host!

Here is the final product!

Once recording was done, we got to the REAL fun part! The signing!!!

Thalia got to meet Shay first, and Shay complemented Thalia's hair! I must say, it was adorable. Thalia mentioned our original but failed attempt to meet her when Shay had a Seventeen Prom signing in NJ, and Shay said that she was glad to finally meet her!
I took Thalia's picture with Shay and then it was my turn! I walked up to Shay and said, "Reading your story was so inspiring, I have a Hollywood sign in my room too." and seriously, with out skipping a beat Shay replied, "and one day you'll be there too." She then signed my magazine. She was very kind, happy, and thankful! We took our shot together.

Ann (Shoket, Editor in Cheif of Seventeen) was leaving, but I was able to catch her for a quick shot together!  

Afterwards, we went to the Starbucks on a different floor, and we chatted with Shay Mitch's make up artist! Really cool, she said she LOVED her job! Meeting passionate people from different fields is always really cool.

Of course, no Seventeen event is complete with out a swag bag!

So go get the mag if you haven't already!
Read Shay's story so you can know what Hollywood sign we were talking about!

Hahaha, shhhh! We found this giant mag in a secret spot in B&N!
Mandatory pose with it!

And we were out!

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