Friday, July 20, 2012

Senior Year: A Reflection

Honestly, this probably isn't an interesting post. Its more for myself. So don't feel like you have to keep going. Its just about myself, and what I've done. A recollection of events.... that being said, every summer since the summer or 2009, I have taken the time to reflect on the previous school year and all the great things that filled it. My freshman year's was written on a note on facebook. Sophomore and junior year was reflected on tumblr, and this year will be reflected on here! This summer is no different, although this is the latest I've ever completed this. This summer has really got me busy!

Before I talk about senior year, lets recap the first three years of high school... These are exactly what I typed that year...

Freshman Year:

My freshman year was AMAZING!
On the first day I wore a butterfly in my hair to represent the growth id be making that year.
I met wonderful people who were different than anyone I knew before.
I grew as a vocalist & a performer.
I saw Maino perform in our auditorium.
After waiting out a night on the NYC streets, I met the Jonas Brothers.
We fought to stay in our school.
I stayed in the mall from opening to closing a whole day.
Threw a fun birthday party.
Shared a first year experience with my vocal instructor Ms. Quaye.
Got to wear the robes I've been wanting to wear since my sister's 2000 graduation.
Went clubbing for the first time.
Painted my face & hair gray for feild day.
Saw the first African American president come into office.
I grew emotionally.
Found out so much about myself.
Realized that im an artist in every sense of the word.
I was told im a middle brainer. So yeah, im an artist & an analyzer.
So many things, adventures, changes, & experiences.
I love my high school, & its experiences.

Sophomore Year:

A reflection on my sophomore year in high school...
-I recieved my highest gpa of 4.0
-I also recieved my lowest of 3.25 or something like that.
-I had every class with a really good friend of mine and that was really cool.
-I was trampled by a big chunk of the girls. -____-
-I had a crush on a guy! :O
-I went across the stage on halloween for the first time!
-I participated in my first protest.
-I attended many of the girls’ sweet sixteens.
-I really started working on my personal style.
-I got a part in a show, that was more than just being in the choir.
-The environmental club got started and we got productive.
-I attended my first ballet with some of my dance major friends.
-I went to see West Side Story, and also ate in a restaurant with my classmates.
-On a friend’s party bus to NYC, I finally was able to enter the HUGE ToysRUs!
-I walked up a high way with my friend Christie, where I broke my cellphone, and eventually got in huge trouble.
-I went clubbing for the first time without my brother.
-I really expressed my love for all things french this year, even going in a Eiffel Tower tank the first day.
-I saw CUTE guys on feild trips!
-The growing continued in all areas of my life.
So my second year in high school was definitely cool. And this was just some of the highlights of the year!
I’m grateful how well it went.

Junior Year:

A reflection of my junior year....
  • The school really took a whirl wind, it was so different!
  • We lost teachers, and gained new ones.
  • I went to Seventeen on 34th with Jenn and it was SUCH an amazing day!
  • I had my sweet sixteen in September, had a blast!
  • I was Ariel for Halloween.
  • I went to a concert & hung out with my (THEN) crush. AND I told him to his face that I had a crush on him. One of the bravest things I’ve done. Now he’s leaving. Gonna miss him.
  • I went to a concert with Eliezer, and Jonathan! Gonna miss Eliezer too. :’(
  • I ate lunch with Chris, Mariel, Karla, Luselys, Carlos, and Emily on A days. I loved A day lunch. Gonna miss them tooo! <|3
  • Went through 3 vocal instructors.
  • Got second place in the science fair.
  • Stepped into a recording studio for the first time!
  • In front of the whole school, my friend Israel gave a speech where he mentioned me. <3 it was the sweetest thing anyone’s done for me.
  • Went to a Got Milk? Seventeen magazine event with my sister, Jennifer, and Thalia. Fun night!
  • Got to be on television because our choir was entered into MSG Varsity’s Talent Show! We made it to the semi finals!
  • Got to go to a SUPER fun performance with the instrumental and vocal majors in Edison where I also had one of my most emotional performances. <3
  • I passed both of the HSPA. :D No AHSA for me!
  • Served veterans.
  • Found that I have a love for scatting.
  • Made a super cool class board with finger paint!
  • Went to visit NYU! And got turned down for their program.
  • There was a lot of downs this year. But they werent downs, they were lessons.
  • I managed to maintain an above 4.0 gpa for three marking periods, (and hopefully the fourth but since I havent seen my grades Idk)
  • Went to Black Friday with my aunt and then with Christie. I was one of the first 25 people into Old Navy!
  • Picked up attendance daily! which i loved doing!
  • Supported my favorite singer in everything she did!
  • Visited my dream school of Berklee College of Music in Boston!
  • RYLA - nuff said. <3
  • Really got closer to my principal. I’m going to miss her, shes retiring. :/
This year was just jam packed year of fun. I kept growing as usual. It truly was a blessing, and I’m grateful to be done with the hardest year at RPHS! Now, its time to be a senior! :D WOOOO!!!

And now
Senior Year:

I was elected SGA Vice President
Turned 17 & party
Saw Joe Jonas in concert on FNO
Got my permit
Went to Boston to audition for my dream school, and got rejected
I got my iPod touch
I went toEurope
I went to NHD Washington DC
I was also elected president of the interact club
I sang my solo
Saw how to succeed in business on broadway
Got quoted in Seventeen
Visited Seventeen Magazine offices
Met Tyler Blackburn
Got inducted in the National Honor Society
Got the chicken pox
Went to teen vogue & seventeen magazine events
Mentored middle school girls
Went to six flags with no adults
Participated in district wide SGA meetings
Went to Youth in Government Day
Started a positive twitter
Went to the Papermill playhouse to see Irving Berlin's White Christmas
Sailor Moon came back
Got accepted to college
completed my senior duties
and I started this blog!

 Senior year was intense, crazy, jam packed, stressful, imperfect, and perfect all at the same time. I made the best of it, because I knew that approaching fast was my departure from there, and I was not ready for it.

Looking back at all four years, I have changed incredibly. I've matured (thankfully! hahaha), I've become more creative, I've learned a lot...
And now its gone. High school is over! I didn't believe when they said it would fly by, but it did.
Now to the realm of university! I've already had my orientation, which went fabulously by the way! Looking forward to the fall, and all that I could grow!

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