Friday, July 13, 2012

My Final Days at Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts

So here are some pictures and stories from my senior year at RPHS...

So everyone talks about it, plans for it, and when the night finally arrives you try your hardest to make sure its one worth remembering! Of course I'm talking about non other than one of the most important events of a high schooler's life, Prom!
A night of glitz and glam, our version of a pre awards show red carpet!
Isn't it great to see all the people who you saw on a daily basis, shared lunch with, had debates in class with, hung out with, & other things with in such a great light? 
I loved seeing all my friends and class mates look so fabulous and handsome!

My prom took place on Thursday May 24th, 2012.
It was held at a very beautiful banquet hall a few towns over from my own.
Our prom was decorated like an Enchanted Garden.
Our advisors worked so very hard to put all of it together.
The class of 2012 couldn't thank them enough!
It was marvelous getting so dolled up!
My make up was done by a professional make up artist, who happened to appear on the television show Jerseylicious, but also is an alumnus of my high school & majored in vocal! She was such a doll, and I appreciated her turning me into one!
 I am telling you it is not the same as getting it done at home! 
Everyone was so generous with their compliments.

And my favorite part about it?
I was able to dance the night away, with everyone and not have to worry about a date!
I went with my friend Thalia.
We took pictures together at her house and at Prom.
And then we were driven to prom in our matching sports cars!
I had so much fun with my best friend, best decision to go together!

My Friends!
Dancing the night away...
Our Table! Table 1
What a great night!
(some photos belong to Anadin, Catherine @pimpdaddycat, and Jenn @autumnhype)

Senior Breakfast

Every year the senior class has a senior breakfast, here are some photos...

Super yum!

Photo credit to Clarice @
On June 20th 2012, the class of 2012 of Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts took their final walk across the stage. They said their final goodbye to high school life, and accepted their diploma! I was honored to be one of them.

Our salutatorian Anadin, gave a phenomenal speech, and our valedictorian Isreal delivered a touching speech. Both worked extremely hard, and I was overjoyed to hear their words.

The RPHS band performed a selection, the RPHS choir (including all graduating seniors) sung You Raise Me Up, we saw our senior video which the senior communication art majors worked so hard on, and finally we received our diplomas, turned our tassels, and marched out.

My diploma, grad cap, 2012 glasses, and yearbook (which I'm on the cover of!)

If you'd like to read an article for the school newspaper I wrote as a guest reporter on the class of 2012, click here!

To everyone who graduated in 2012, "this far, and further!"

And that was the end of my senior year!

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