Monday, July 30, 2012

Band Against Bullying

A concert to promote anti-bullying!

So what can make a concert where bands get together and raise awareness against bullying even more awesome?
The fact that its held at the legendary BB King's Blues Club and Grill in NYC? Check
The fact they gave away a guitar signed by all the performers to a lucky fan? Check
The fact that its free? Check!

Well, if you're thinking, "I want to go!" unfortunately, it happened already, but don't worry! They announced that it would be the first of many to come!

This concert took place last Friday, July 20th.
It was sponsered by Secret Mean Stinks, partnered with z100, Akoo, & Ourstage.

The awesome, talented line up went as follows:

Bean (@noellebean),
Kicking Daisies (@kickingdaisies),
Tim Halperin (@timhalperin),

Hot Chelle Rae (@hotchellerae),
and the show was closed with youtube sensation twin sisters Megan and Liz (@meganandliz)
The show was hosted by Trey Morgan (@itsTreyMorgan) and Carla Marie (@theCarlaMarie) from z100.

To get in all you had to do was RSVP to put your name on the list, and print out an email (I forgot to do this, which made us stand in line to get in with those who hadn't RSVP'ed, but they checked the list and I was on it, so the problem was resolved and we were let in!)

I was so happy to be able to take my close friend Anadin to her first concert!

We then got to meet some of the members of Kicking Daisies!
Here we have Richie, Vocalist from Kicking Daisies and Anadin!
(I forgot to put flash on when taking Anadin's picture, oopsie!)
This is Ben from Kicking Daisies who plays the guitar and the piano, and me!
The tshirt I'm wearing was given to us to promote Mean Stinks!

Concerts are a huge part of my life, and I seriously had missed all the fun of them since my last one last September on Fashion's Night Out at Sak's. (How many people get to say they went to a concert at Sak's 5th Ave? At the men's department at that. Hahaha!)
I was so glad to hear about this, and I RSVP'ed as soon as I could. I love Hot Chelle Rae, this was my second time seeing them live! I got to see them back in 2010 for the first time. I must say, Ian is beautiful!

I loved seeing the rest of the acts too!

Bean is so fun, energetic, and girl has GREAT vocals. Check out her song, "Cops and Robbers," it will be stuck in your head!

Kicking Daisies was a great band to rock out to, and super cute too! Half of them are from Wyckoff, NJ which is where my favorite band of brothers, the Jonas Brothers are from, and is a quick drive from me! Jersey! Woo! Theyre song, "Bows and Arrows," had me jamming along!

Tim Halperin's performance was extremely heartfelt! I loved hearing him. He was so honest, spoke about the meaning of his songs, and wasn't afraid to open up. He is a songwriter after all, so it was no surprise to hear him speak so openly about love! What stuck out to me was his voice, so rich and soulful, major swoon! Maybe you recognize him from American Idol Season 10!

Hot Chelle Rae was so great! They played three songs and snuck in a cover! They played Tonight Tonight, I Like It Like That, covered The Fresh Prince's theme song, and came back out for one more song, Honestly! I was SO jamming out when I heard, "In West Philadelphia, born and raised..." They did not disappoint, and had just gotten off-stage from their Today Show Summer Concert! They put on a great show!

Megan and Liz are twin sisters, who have become youtube sensations, and have used their song, "Are You Happy Now" to spread awareness against anti-bullying, hence why they were asked to headline this concert! They played four songs, including one I loved, "Princess Charming," their anti-bullying anthem, "Are You Happy Now," and others. They were so surprised at the fans reaction. They were a pair of sweet, humble girls.

I look forward to all the rocking concerts to come!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Seventeen Magazine Meet, Greet, and Signing with Ann Shoket and Shay Mitchell Plus Beauty Smarties Showdown Taping

Lines, lines, lines! I should seriously be given the patience award because I spend a lot of time in lines! I'm so joking about the award, but seriously, I wait in lines a lot. Most people mind them, I just see it as a little work to ultimately enjoy myself! Good things come to those who wait, am I right? Well my patience sure was rewarded when I got to meet to the ever so lovely Ms. Shay Mitchell!

Shay is an actress who is well known for her role as Emily on Pretty Little Liars, a teen drama on ABC Family, which is one of my favorite television series! She is the cover girl for the August issue of Seventeen Magazine, and the host of Beauty Smarties Showdown, an online video competition between "beauty smarties," people with a passion for make up, who compete in order to win a grand prize!

Thalia, who is one of my best friends and I went to go meet Shay at a Barnes and Nobles in NYC on an early Saturday morning. We got in line, bought our mags, and got in another line, where ultimately we were put into a "moshpit" to be the audience for the grand finale of Beauty Smarties Showdown. A very cool experience to see the show being recorded!

Here's Shay completing her duties as host!

Here is the final product!

Once recording was done, we got to the REAL fun part! The signing!!!

Thalia got to meet Shay first, and Shay complemented Thalia's hair! I must say, it was adorable. Thalia mentioned our original but failed attempt to meet her when Shay had a Seventeen Prom signing in NJ, and Shay said that she was glad to finally meet her!
I took Thalia's picture with Shay and then it was my turn! I walked up to Shay and said, "Reading your story was so inspiring, I have a Hollywood sign in my room too." and seriously, with out skipping a beat Shay replied, "and one day you'll be there too." She then signed my magazine. She was very kind, happy, and thankful! We took our shot together.

Ann (Shoket, Editor in Cheif of Seventeen) was leaving, but I was able to catch her for a quick shot together!  

Afterwards, we went to the Starbucks on a different floor, and we chatted with Shay Mitch's make up artist! Really cool, she said she LOVED her job! Meeting passionate people from different fields is always really cool.

Of course, no Seventeen event is complete with out a swag bag!

So go get the mag if you haven't already!
Read Shay's story so you can know what Hollywood sign we were talking about!

Hahaha, shhhh! We found this giant mag in a secret spot in B&N!
Mandatory pose with it!

And we were out!

Senior Year: A Reflection

Honestly, this probably isn't an interesting post. Its more for myself. So don't feel like you have to keep going. Its just about myself, and what I've done. A recollection of events.... that being said, every summer since the summer or 2009, I have taken the time to reflect on the previous school year and all the great things that filled it. My freshman year's was written on a note on facebook. Sophomore and junior year was reflected on tumblr, and this year will be reflected on here! This summer is no different, although this is the latest I've ever completed this. This summer has really got me busy!

National History Day & Washington D.C.

NHD 2012
University of Maryland

National History Day is a national competition where students all over the country compete by entering history projects. This competition is extremely intense. Students first compete at a regional level, those who place move on to state level, and finally there is the national competition that takes place in June every year. Because of my involvement in National History Day, I was able to spend a week at the University of Maryland.

Inside the Capitol Building, the dome!

A better look at the artwork on the ceiling.
Our first president is depicted here with 13 women all depicting the 13 original colonies!


This was my favorite room in the Capitol Building.
It was the room where congress was originally held.
Best part about it? It was pink!

The Capitol Building
The Washington Monument

The Lincoln Memorial
Hello first family!
The White House
 (Honestly, my idea from pictures and movies was way off!)

My friends Thalia and Anthony who I worked on my project and spent my week with. 

From June 10th through June 14th, we stayed in a dorm room at the university. I shared a room with my best friend Thalia. We ate, swam, slept, hung out, and of course cheered on our school's national competitors, and ultimately our state!

We spent two days in Washington D.C. thanks to our very passionate teacher Ms. Brown! Our first day we visited our congressman's office, toured the Capitol Building with one of his (admittedly, very cute) interns, and take in all the land marks and monuments.

Later in the week, we spent a day exclusively on museum hopping! Museums we visited included the African Art Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the American History Museum, and the Holocaust Musuem.

Planes and Spaceships at the Air and Space Museum!

The American History Museum was reserved for a night especially for NHD students.
There were special performances throughout the building, a special exhibition, and even a discount at the gift shop.
It was a lovely night.

What I can say about the Holocaust Museum is that it truly is a remarkable and educational place.

NHD was a great way to meet people from all over the country and US territories.
A giant button trading system they have set up is a great way to break the ice and talk to new people.
I met people from Louisiana, Idaho, Shanghai, the list goes on...

It was a great week, and I had wanted to go to DC for a while now!

Nothing wrong with embracing educational adventures! Haha.

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Final Days at Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts

So here are some pictures and stories from my senior year at RPHS...

So everyone talks about it, plans for it, and when the night finally arrives you try your hardest to make sure its one worth remembering! Of course I'm talking about non other than one of the most important events of a high schooler's life, Prom!
A night of glitz and glam, our version of a pre awards show red carpet!
Isn't it great to see all the people who you saw on a daily basis, shared lunch with, had debates in class with, hung out with, & other things with in such a great light? 
I loved seeing all my friends and class mates look so fabulous and handsome!

My prom took place on Thursday May 24th, 2012.
It was held at a very beautiful banquet hall a few towns over from my own.
Our prom was decorated like an Enchanted Garden.
Our advisors worked so very hard to put all of it together.
The class of 2012 couldn't thank them enough!
It was marvelous getting so dolled up!
My make up was done by a professional make up artist, who happened to appear on the television show Jerseylicious, but also is an alumnus of my high school & majored in vocal! She was such a doll, and I appreciated her turning me into one!
 I am telling you it is not the same as getting it done at home! 
Everyone was so generous with their compliments.

And my favorite part about it?
I was able to dance the night away, with everyone and not have to worry about a date!
I went with my friend Thalia.
We took pictures together at her house and at Prom.
And then we were driven to prom in our matching sports cars!
I had so much fun with my best friend, best decision to go together!

My Friends!
Dancing the night away...
Our Table! Table 1
What a great night!
(some photos belong to Anadin, Catherine @pimpdaddycat, and Jenn @autumnhype)

Senior Breakfast

Every year the senior class has a senior breakfast, here are some photos...

Super yum!

Photo credit to Clarice @
On June 20th 2012, the class of 2012 of Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts took their final walk across the stage. They said their final goodbye to high school life, and accepted their diploma! I was honored to be one of them.

Our salutatorian Anadin, gave a phenomenal speech, and our valedictorian Isreal delivered a touching speech. Both worked extremely hard, and I was overjoyed to hear their words.

The RPHS band performed a selection, the RPHS choir (including all graduating seniors) sung You Raise Me Up, we saw our senior video which the senior communication art majors worked so hard on, and finally we received our diplomas, turned our tassels, and marched out.

My diploma, grad cap, 2012 glasses, and yearbook (which I'm on the cover of!)

If you'd like to read an article for the school newspaper I wrote as a guest reporter on the class of 2012, click here!

To everyone who graduated in 2012, "this far, and further!"

And that was the end of my senior year!