Saturday, June 2, 2012

Teen Vogue & Topshop: Ultimate Prom Party

Although my prom has already passed, and I promise a blog on prom is coming up, first I must blog on an event I attended back in April with my friend Jennifer! In an effort to help young fashionista's get ready for prom season, Teen Vogue teamed up with Topshop to present their Ultimate Prom Party, an event showcasing some of TopShop's hottest prom looks!

The event was held on Wednesday April 25th at Topshop Broadway and Broome.

They were giving away free manicures, make up consultations, and hair makeovers.
Jenn and I both got our make up done first thing!
My make up artist gave me orange lips, a new look for me!
Do you like? Thumbs up or down?

Our make up artists!
She had the collest tattoo!
There were sips and sweets galor for everyone to snack on.

Different flavor popcorn, yummy!  

Of course fabulous styles were in abundance!

Fun night, I even saw one of my favorite Teen Vogue editors, Andrew Bevan!

Hahaha my cheesy fingers!

So tell me, would you wear some of topshop's prom looks to your magical night?
I'd wear these looks for a party, honestly.
I strived for a more formal look for my prom.
Photo credit to @autumnhype, my wonderful event photographer.


  1. :) Hello this @Autumnhype :D I think I am going to create one of these blogs and begin posting pictures. Your blog is very lovely. <3 Love you pris! :)