Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Haus of Belle Fashion Show 2.10.12

Last week was Fashion Week! Oh how I miss it already! These are times I wish I lived a bit closer to the city so I can make frequent visits a week. Although, let me fill you in on what I was able to make my way out to NYC for on the Friday of Fashion Week. I was invited by my blogger friend Cristine from over at prettyprovocative.blogspot.com (seriously check it out, she inspired me to start my blog!) to attend the Haus of Belle S/S 2012 Fashion Show. So that evening I, along with my friend Jennifer (who was on camera duty) attended a packed show at Wix Lounge. They had music pumping to amp up the mood, fab food & drinks were served, and of course even the attendees were so chic & stylish!

Here are snap shots of some of the looks on the run way.

Her hair was gorgeous!

Consisting of tribal patterns, statement piece necklaces,
and a color palette of grays, black, dark blue, and forest green,
this line was the quintessence of fierce!
Reminiscent of an update on "I am woman, hear me ROAR!"

The Designers!


I took this shot on the way in!
During Fashion Week, New York is just a magical place.

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