Monday, January 16, 2012

Nick Jonas before rehearsal! 1.16.2012! & Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

As you guys & dolls know, I am a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan. Camp out on the streets of NYC on Thanksgiving night through Black Friday morning in the freezing cold for seventeen hours HUGE. And what did I do today? You guessed correctly, wait out in the freezing cold for a Jonas Brother, Mr. Nicholas Jerry Jonas!

I awoke this morning early morning with one thing on my mind, "Going to NY to see Nick!" My friends Karen, Carla, Tawhida, Tahsina & I caught the bus to Port Authority and we arrived our destination by 8:20. We were on our way to the location where Nick is rehearsing for his upcoming take over of the lead in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying!

We made a lovely friend named Marli, who was from Sweden who moved to New York not too long ago! She stuck it out in the cold with us. It was particularly FREEZING. I couldn't feel my hands or feet!

After a few hours of waiting, Nick arrived! "GOOD MORNING NICK!" I projected through the crowd. He went into the store to get his coffee. The girls watched and took pictures like the paparazzi! Fan girls are the best, love them! Surprisingly I was relatively calm when he arrived. Compared to my previous Jonas encounters where more embarrasing things have occured. I was chill which is nice to be instead of star struck!

He left the store and took pictures with his fans.
He was walking around for a while, taking pictures it was adorable.

Lovely fan!

Karen's Picture!


As I took my picture I said, "wait, hug first," and gave him the biggest hug! I then took a picture with him, and told him to have a great rehearsal and he said thank you. I love meeting my boys!

Afterwards we said good bye to Marli, she had class! We made our way to McDonalds, and chilled for the next hour. It's my favorite McDonalds on 42nd! So that was our Jonas encounter.

McDonald's group picture!


Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
He is one of my biggest role models, his peaceful approach was admirable by anyone! Our lives wouldn't be the same without his efforts, and the work of many other people before us.


*Photo Credit due to Karen Vega! @Karenx13 *

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