Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

The past year sure was a ride, full of memories! 2011 was a year of challenges and adventures.  I felt as if I was becoming a stronger, smarter person with every lesson placed in front of me. From spending some great nights in NYC, spending my summer away from my immediate family in Florida with my God parents, to entering senior year. 2011 taught me that the easiest decision is not always the most efficient.

2011 was made up of attending two Seventeen Magazine Events, being selected to represent my school at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards , meeting Tyler Blackburn who plays Caleb on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, going to Disney World, going to my first Teen Vogue Event (where I met some fabulous blogger friends!), seeing Joe Jonas in concert at Saks 5th ave on FNO, getting elected Vice President of our Student Government Association & president of our Interact Club, going to Youth in Government Day for our county, opening this blog, along with my new positive twitter @prosperousteen, getting a solo in our Cabaret Night, visiting my dream college Berklee College of Music in Boston twice (and auditioning!), plus a list of other things! I also got my permit the other day, so I'm hitting the road! VROOM VROOM!

Make a list of all your accomplishments this year, or of all time, and truly be grateful for all of them. The universe will keep sending blessings your way!
Ive been reflecting for days now, so lets look to the current year!

I'm so ecstatic to see what 2012 has to offer! Along with prom, graduation, & entering college, I also have a school trip to Europe coming up that I am so excited for! I've never left the USA that is definitely gonna be an adventure! Senior year is no joke, but with endings come new beginnings, which equates to a brand new frontier for me! And I'm not one to push away change.
In this year, I hope to improve my picture taking for my posts. -charges up the camera- haha.

So weve looked at the past, and the future... right now, its my last day of winter break. It does go by rather quickly doesn't it? The holidays are over, and its back to hard work.

Till next update!


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