Thursday, December 1, 2011

Teen Vogue & Marc by Marc Jacobs Event at Bergdorf Goodman! 11.19.11

As I am typing this my finger tips are covered in one of the chicest manicures they've ever gotten. Thats because I attended the Marc Your Calenders Event! The event was hosted by Teen Vogue and featured Marc by Marc Jacobs minx manicures, fab "sips & sweets" (Otherwise known as drinks & baked goods!), and mingling with Teen Vogue editors! The event took place on the 5th floor of Bergdorf Goodman. Teen Vogue Editors Amy Astley, Andrew Bevan, Eva Chen, and others were around chatting with guests. We were able to get limited edition Marc Jacobs Minx manicures, which were so fabulous!

The sips table set up for the event!

Manicure Station!

I was so happy to be able to see some other fab bloggers my age at the event! First, I saw Cristine from! Very lovely to meet her! Forgot to snap a pic of us, but luckily she did! LOVE reading her blog, which inspired me to open mine!
*photo credit to Cristine - from her twitter account, follow her! @prtyprovocative!*

Also at the event was Nova , who I remembered from Seventeen on 34th event! We had a nice talk, while I waited on line for a manicure. I was the last on line, they cut it off right after me. She was lovely,  & waited with me even though she had gotten hers already! Her blog is! She has a great expressive blog!

Nova & I!

I'm so happy to be able to go and meet wonderful people, girls, and bloggers! This included Ms. Danielle from the Teen Vogue Marketing Department! She was a wonderful hostess, and great at answering my questions! I was the last one to leave (I wanted a manicure!) and Ms. Danielle let me have some extra Minx nail applications!

The Marc Jacobs' Display
My extra Minx nails!

Cool sign at the event.

My manicure!

Until my next exquisite affair!

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