Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jason and Justin's Journey 12.7.11

About two weeks ago I got an invitation to make my way to my friend's high school, where she was hosting a special event with her school club! With club members filled with a passion to help others, the club is called Stand Up For A Cause. My friend Victoria and her best friend Natasha founded it to support a variety of causes throughout our area. This specific event was to help raise money for a foundation called the Let Them Be Little Foundation, which was started by the Leider family in honor of their two children named Jason and Justin with the disease, Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS). For more information on the disease visit

When you walked in you got a wristband that said "Jason & Justin's Journey" and "MPS Awareness" to keep!

Yummy desserts were served to guests to munch on!

Purple was the color of the night!

The founders of Stand Up For A Cause and best friends Victoria (left) and Natasha!

The Leider family, Natasha, Victoria, and their teacher.

This family has three children, two sons and a daughter. Both sons are diagnosed with MPS, although thankfully their daughter is not. Jason and Justin's father delivered a beautiful speech to the attendees about his sons. It was heartbreaking to hear the reality of such a disease, but their parents' dedication to spread awareness, raise funds, and make change in the MPS community is definitely admirable! Keep the Leider family in your prayers, they need support to keep fighting for their children and others with MPS. A brave family with great, big hearts! They are a living example of how life is a precious gift, and we can not take our lives for granted!

The DJ provided great party music!
Antony Bitar, a musician who lent his time to the event to entertain guests with his beauitful voice & piano skills!
The Stand Up For A Cause club!

*All photo credits belong to Victoria Wakile*

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